UPDATE- Monday June 11th
{4 hours 30 minutes from Saskatoon to Fort Nelson}

It was raining when we took off so we got a little damp loading the plane.  This also was the first time we ran into some weather.  The flight got a little choppy but at least it had stopped raining when we landed in Fort Nelson.  We flew over Peace River (first pix).  Lots of stuff named after that river (The town, Peace River; the highway Peace River, etc.).
Fort Nelson is a town (second pix) of about 4,000 people and basically serves the oil drilling that is going on not far from town.  Although the airport (third pix) is not controlled, it is attended by one very helpful guy who sells the fuel.
We are staying at the Lakeview Inns and Suites.  We used the satellite phone to make arrangements.  Big help indeed.  The hotel is brand new and the room is really very nice.  High speed internet here although my cell phone doesn't seem to work.  The guy at the airport said that cell phones work but "only if you buy them here."  This is a new hotel, and with the name of  "Lakeview," its gotta  be perfect.  Well, the hotel certainly lived up to expectations, but "Lakeview?" (fourth pix)
We had a good dinner at the local pub.  It's been interesting traveling West.  We picked up 2 hours yesterday, one more today and expect 1 more entering Alaska so we always get in "early."  It'll be a little different traveling East on the way home.
SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING US ON FLIGHTAWARE.  Here is how to do it if you wish.  HOWEVER, be careful.....don't get frightened!!  Aircraft are followed when they are on an IFR flight plan and they are IN RADAR CONTACT.  For example, today we flew from Saskatoon (CYXE) to Fort Nelson (CYYE).  Look at the tracking on the fifth picture on the right which was from Flightaware today.  You will see we DISAPPEARED a little more than half way.  WE WERE OUT OF RADAR COVERAGE SINCE IT WAS NOT AVAILABLE AT OUR ALTITUDE.  There was no problem.  We were just continuing to Fort Nelson (CYYE).  WE DID NOT LAND IN THE TUNDRA AND SET UP CAMP AND STARTED EATING SURVIVAL FOOD (pate' and fine wine).  If you want to track us (or ANY plane for that matter) just go to www.flightaware.com.  On the left you will see Flight/Tail #.  In the box, enter my aircraft number N5930Y and then click on "Track any Flight."  You can also track commercial airlines if you wish.  DON'T WORRY IF IT LOOKS LIKE WE DISAPPEARED.  We're still on our way.
Tomorrow we would like to fly along the Alaska Highway to Watson Lake, and then to Whitehorse, where we expect to spend the night.  Till then......



Peace River

Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson Airport

View of the Lake