Along the Way

I left on June 9th 2007 to fly with Sharon to Alaska.  I met my younger son Andy and his wife Angie who arrived in Alaska before us.  They live in Denver and they did some hiking and camping first.  They flew to Alaska on one of those big planes without propellers.

Our proposed stops in Canada changed both on the way to Alaska and on the way back.  This was expected since wind, weather and other factors were certainly going to affect our choices.  I posted a day by day log which I hope you will find interesting.  My last entry was just some thoughts on the trip and on Alaska.  Click on the date and that will take you to the page written and pictures taken on that day.

Friday, June 8th, 2007 - Getting Ready
Guns into Canada

Saturday June 9th - Thunder Bay
The Thunder Bay Strip Search!! (almost).

Sunday June 10th - Saskatoon
This was an uneventful flight.

Monday June 11th - Fort Nelson
Left Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for Fort Nelson, British Columbia.  ALSO SOME TIPS ON USING "FLIGHTAWARE" to track us, or any flight.  Thanks again for your emails.

Tuesday June 12th - Whitehorse
Fort Nelson, BC to Whitehorse, Capital of Yukon Territory - a disappointing view.

Wednesday June 13th - And Skagway
Whitehorse and a day without flying.  We left extra time enroute in case of weather but since we're a little ahead of schedule, we took the day off and drove to Skagway, Alaska and back, and met a very interesting guy - an Alaskan with a Philadelphia connection.

Thursday June 14th - Fairbanks
Whitehorse to Fairbanks Alaska, and US Customs

Friday June 15th - Enroute to Barrow
The interesting flight to Barrow, the most northern city in the Americas.

Saturday June 16th - A Day in Barrow
The first full day in Barrow.  Sharon takes a dip (almost) in the Arctic Ocean.  Sharon teaches dance.  Sharon spots Polar Bear (almost).

Sunday June 17th - A Second Day in  Barrow
Some shopping, and the price of things.

Monday June 18th - Barrow to Fairbanks
Flying low across the Tundra to Anaktuvuk Pass, the entry in the North to the Brooks Range.  The mountains there rise to about 7,500 feet, but since the weather was clear we were able to fly low through the Pass.

Tuesday June 19th - McCarthy & Back
Today were were to pick up Andy and Angie in McCarthy and fly them back to Fairbanks.  We did fly to McCarthy, a gravel strip, but Andy and Angie didn't show.  The bush plane that was picking them up after their five day hike couldn't get to where they were waiting.  Winds were too high.

Wednesday June 20th - To Talkeetna
We got word this morning that Andy and Angie are off the mountain.  They were picked up by the bush plane and flown back to McCarthy.  We met up in Talkeetna.  We flew from Fairbanks to Talkeetna past Mount McKinley.

Thursday June 21st - Day in Talkeetna
This is the longest day of the year.  All four of us took a ski plane ride thru Denali and landed on a glacier.  We went ito town tonight for the BIG longest day of the year type celebration.

Friday June 22nd - Smoky Talkeetna
Our plans were changed today due to the fires about 50 miles North, and another about 50 miles South.  Visibility has been much reduced and you can smell the smoke anywhere outside.  It was reported that the fires were caused by lightening.  It also rained, but not hard, on and off all day. 

Saturday June 23rd - Anchorage to Homer
Moving on.  Andy and Angie drove this morning to Anchorage from Talkeetna and Sharon and I flew.  It took them 3 hours and us 47 minutes.  They left some of their stuff there to take home to Denver and the four of us flew to Homer.

Sunday June 24th - Homer
We spent the day in Homer.  This place is really attractive, very friendly, and we DIDN'T SEE A BUS.  (There are quite a few RV's here however.)

Monday June 25th - Glaciers
This day involved a big change in plans.  Although we took off for Seward, weather caused us to change our destination, just 8 miles from Seward.  We did see some Glaciers anyway.

Tuesday June 26th - Anchorage Day 1
Today we spent the day in Anchorage with Andy and Angie.  We took them to the airport tonight for their flight home to Denver.  I'm gonna miss them.

Wednesday June 27th - Anchorage Last Day
Running Gag & Flowers & Why??  We also met Howard Brown for dinner.  He is a friend who lives in Elkins Park.

Thursday June 28th - Anchorage to Nome
The flight to Nome and an UNBELIEVABLE opportunity to see the sights!!

Friday June 29th - Day in Nome
The whole area is Permafrost with Tundra above.  We drove out to the "sub arctic countryside."

Saturday June 30th - Another Nome
I know I said it before, but it really doesn't get any better than this.  Also a change in plans - - most interesting for pilots.

Sunday July 1st - Nome to Cordova
Nome (with out first sign of animals) to Anchorage (to refuel) to Cordova.

Monday July 2nd - Day in Cordova
A day in Cordova with the BEST view of a glacier.  Intermittent Internet, no long distance calls, no cell phone.  Why it's almost like it used to be!!  I am not sure when I can post this page update.  We plan on leaving Cordova in the morning.

Tuesday July 3rd - Edmonton??
First we took off.  Then we flew.  Then we landed.  Then we took off.  Then we didn't land.  Then we flew.  Then we landed.

Wednesday Thursday & Friday,  July 4th, 5th and 6th.- Home & Thoughts
The Trip home with another change in plans and some thoughts on Alaska and this trip.  I've also added some information that pilots might find helpful.  One thing however, ALASKA DOES GET UNDER YOUR SKIN.  This is our last update.  I thank you very much for following us.